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Secretariat for Asia Region Health Communication Springboard

The Bangladesh Health Communication Springboard was launched in May 2014 in Dhaka. Organized by BCCP and BKMI, the event brought together health professionals, and representatives of NGOs, the media and other sectors. They were joined by and international visitors connected with global and regional Springboard activities. Health communication practitioners were encouraged to register on the Springboard website and involve themselves in a broader practitioners’ community in the country, in the Asia region and at global levels. The Bangladesh Springboard is the first in an Asian country and the third globally, after the USA and Zimbabwe.

BCCP has been assigned to work as Secretariat for the Asia Regional Springboard. The Asia Springboard Secretariat will manage, guide and promote activities of other country Springboards to be launched soon.  The global Springboard will support and nurture all regional secretariats and country Springboards. The BCCP Springboard Secretariat and Asia country Springboards will be part of the global Springboard led by HC3. HC3 is a five-year, global project funded by USAID and led by (JHU·CCP). It is designed to strengthen in-country capacity to implement state-of-the-art health communication programs.

Springboard is a forum that provides a dynamic virtual platform for health communication practitioners, scholars and policymakers to exchange health communication knowledge, experiences and resources and contribute to promoting improved health outcomes. It includes anyone involved in public health: local, national and regional government officials; non-governmental and faith-based organizations; universities and research institutions; and private sector firms that help implement Health Communication projects with services such as design, advertising, technology or media.

This online and face-to-face networking allows Springboard members to tap into the wide pool of existing expertise and resources, develop their own health communication capacity, and discover or contribute innovative solutions. The online communities of practice thus formed in groups, discussion in eForums and webinars accompanied by the power of new technologies will further enhance in-person experiences. The virtual platform is available at Users of the Springboard can create their profiles online and join virtual discussion groups or communities of practice, thus catalyzing in-person interaction and enriching virtual communication to mutually reinforce each other.

Bangladesh has a strong, multi-sectoral community of practice in the BCC Working Group. The Springboard concept will enhance and expand the scope of the BCC Working Group activities, as well as its membership. The Springboard is also an opportunity to strengthen online communication and connections among BCC Working Group members and Communities of Practice.

Highlights :

  • The Springboard is a place where like-minded professionals in a country, region, and around the world, can connect to share ideas and resources and learn together while improving the practice of Health Communication globally.
  • Springboard Themes:
    • Join a community
    • Learn new SBCC skills
    • Spark new ideas
    • Find what you need
    • Get rewarded and recognized
    • Be an SBCC expert and advocate

Choose topics of interest and continue discussion with the online community